This is an end of year blog – but one that has NOTHING to do with the 2020 pandemic specifically.

I’m looking much further back than just this year … actually looking back over nearly 17 years of being a personal chef.

Over that length of time, I’ve learned a LOT – mostly via trial and error (heavy emphasis on error).

Here are my top 13 lessons learned which may help you NOT make the same errors I did.

  • Don’t undervalue yourself/your services.
  • Fire the client when the fit is just wrong!
  • Practice. Practice. And practice some more.
  • Give value without giving away the ‘store’!
  • Consistency is key – in what you provide and within your brand.
  • Go slowly if needed…but JUMP at some point!
  • Ask for help and don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Don’t try to be all to all – find your lane.
  • Quickly eliminate what does not work.
  • Find inspiration EVERYWHERE.
  • Take a break…take another one again soon.
  • Honestly (bravely?) assess your skills and fill in where they are lacking.
  • Work your buttocks off!

Tell me which of the above resonates the most with you!

I have at least ONE story to accompany each of these lessons – and those stories provide insight and tips and guidance for those who listen. Yes, not to worry I’ll be sharing some of these stories in future posts.

If you’d like to understand more about each of these and WHY they are key to a successful personal chef business, (and more of the juicy details than what I can write in a blog post) let’s chat.

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