How to find your first (and maybe second, third…) client

I took an informal survey of my successful personal chef colleagues asking them how they found their very first client. The answers were more diverse than I anticipated so I thought I’d share here to give you some ideas and some encouragement. Word of Mouth By far the most common source was Word of Mouth (WoM) or some variation of that such as a referral. Here’s a quote to make you smile and hopefully get you to start talking about your new business: “I can’t remember if it was Word of Mouth or me telling everyone that was in my

Tailored Taste…Celebrating 15 YEARS as a Personal Chef!

WELL now! July marked the end of my 15th year in business! (Though I've been celebrating all year.) That whole “time flies” when you are running a business is very true! For those who have known me in other careers, you’d be shocked to hear that this is the longest I’ve ever ‘held’ any one job! (Or maybe you wouldn't be!) Since leaving school, I have spent: 3 years teaching elementary school children 5 years typing and doing graphics 7 years with a British firm, ultimately as VP of Administration Many years of freelance event planning, Several years working for a