Since taking your classes at conference I’ve shortened my cookday by an hour. – Vicky O.


WOW! Thank you so much for all of your help!  You have gone over and above and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your knowledge and personal input!  I love that you still have the passion for all of this! It has certainly has amped me up to get all of this together! … I am so excited to get to my next chapter!  – Joan H.


There were many issues that I had when it came to starting up my personal chef business and the biggest concern was with marketing, but after Chef Monica’s personal chef coaching I now have the knowledge to inform the community about my services, and with her help, my personal chef business has started a month and a half earlier than planned. – Alan B.


Chef Monica helped me set my prices, create a good marketing plan and focus on my ideal client.   Most importantly, she taught me not to undersell myself just because I am new to the scene. She also helped me with some issues I was having with some clients and told me how to fix them graciously while staying true to my ideals. I feel a lot more confident now and I am so happy that I picked the 8 coaching sessions as opposed to a single session. I have had other business coaches before for another business and I’ve never worked with one who is as sincerely devoted to your success as Chef Monica is. She is a coach who truly cares and will share her wisdom, wealth of knowledge and heart freely. Do not waste precious time figuring things out by yourselves or asking the help of people who mean well but ultimately do not know the business as well as a veteran in the industry like Chef Monica. Time is money and your customers are waiting for someone like you to show up. – Eliette S.